Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Miss Piggy: Fashion and Pop Culture Icon

Miss piggy is a universally known pop culture pig. Who'da thought? She is also a fashion icon, bigger wow! Jim Henson and Franz Oz are the original creative masterminds behind the project. Boy did they succeed! 
She is know for her diva personality and over the top ensembles. Let's take a look at some her greatest looks! 

Favorite Looks This Month

ELIE SAAB 2011 Couture

I realize it's not spring of 2011 anymore! But these dresses were just so gorgeous, I had to post them. 

Fall Runway Favorites

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Fall 2012 Runway Collection Favorites-

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Met Gala Best Dressed 2012

So many disappointing dresses and so many amazing one's as-well. Here's the countdown of my top best dressed for this years Met Gala!

Emma Roberts-They Call Her Mellow Yellow dress by Escada
This is a very pretty and elegant dress. It's not as over the top as it should be, considering it's a costume gala. But it's a nice yellow color and it fits her nicely.

Nail Polish Favorites, This Month: China Glaze Riveting

This is so stunning! Will be posting pictures of this on my nails soon! I love the color! Orangeish red with tiny flecks of gold, like fire.

Style Stars Of The Month


Music Darlings Of The Month

Hello! I'm aware that the month is almost over. But I've decided to select 2 artists or groups every month as a favorite.
Number one: Florence + Machine How can you not love this girl? Or at-least like her kick-ass music and performances? Her is style also amazing, she's constantly trying new things.

Hello I'm here with my first blog post! At this blog I will be doing reviews and fashion posts! Today I will be showing you how to get Demi lovato's fashion look. I don't usuallly like Demi Lovato's more recent fashion  sense, but she's been dressing quite cute lately. New stylist?
exact dress-Dress (out of stock)

Demi Lovato Style

Demi Lovato Style

Alice by Temperley leather jacket
$818 -

AX pari
£25 -

Lola Cruz high heels
£140 -

$15 -

Philosophy body cleanser
$16 -

Philosophy body cleanser
$16 -

Philosophy beauty product
$10 -