Saturday, July 6, 2013

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#1 MILLA JOVOVICH Looking lovely in her embroidered Valentino Haute Couture gown with tons of ruffle

Reviewing Movies In Her Skin/Monsters Universty/Paris JeT'amie...and a very special mention

In Her Skin
  Is a story about a 15 year old girl who goes missing in Australia. This movie follows the real life murder of a young girl who goes missing after dance class.  The story follows a deeply disturbed 19 year old woman named  Caroline Reid, who has a strange obsession with a teenage girl named  Rachel Barber who Caroline believes is living perfection. The movie starts off with two concerned parents who find out there daughter is late to be picked up from recital, which never happens. The flustered parents contact the police and are met with laughs. The story flips to Caroline Reed (played with great ability by Ruth Bradley) who is seen as an angry insecure woman who desperately needs her fathers approval (played by ) and for some unknown reason despises her mother.  She's seen as a self loathing woman constantly wishing to be Rachel Barber. We see her quickly escalating mental breakdown and a  fast dive into into insanity. She comes up with a very disturbing plan to lure Rachel into her home under the delusional belief that if she kills her she will become her. A fantastically acted and directed film that is sure to send a shiver to your very soul
I rate 9/10

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Movies of 2012-Review

Wreck It Ralph, where to begin? What an immersive movie, I literally felt like I was in an arcade game.  Probably the best animated movie I've seen this year and I've seen quite a-few good ones. So that's telling., but what is the plot about? Well if you don't know already, it's about an arcade game character who plays a bad guy who wrecks the building only to have hero Fix It Felix Junior fix everything. But is he really a bad guy? Not so much. He wants so desperately to be accepted and find a place in arcade land where he is not a bad guy. So he Game-hops to Heros Duty and from there ends up in a girly race car game called Sugar Rush. Where he meets a young girl, who is a glitch in the system and isn't allowed to race. Fix It Felix Junior and Jane Lynchs Calhoun look-alike character join him to destroy the giant pod bugs he's brought to Sugar Rush. It's a sweet and endearing story. that shows what appears a certain way on the outside, isn't always that way on the inside. I highly recommend it!

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