Thursday, November 15, 2012

Movies of 2012-Review

Wreck It Ralph, where to begin? What an immersive movie, I literally felt like I was in an arcade game.  Probably the best animated movie I've seen this year and I've seen quite a-few good ones. So that's telling., but what is the plot about? Well if you don't know already, it's about an arcade game character who plays a bad guy who wrecks the building only to have hero Fix It Felix Junior fix everything. But is he really a bad guy? Not so much. He wants so desperately to be accepted and find a place in arcade land where he is not a bad guy. So he Game-hops to Heros Duty and from there ends up in a girly race car game called Sugar Rush. Where he meets a young girl, who is a glitch in the system and isn't allowed to race. Fix It Felix Junior and Jane Lynchs Calhoun look-alike character join him to destroy the giant pod bugs he's brought to Sugar Rush. It's a sweet and endearing story. that shows what appears a certain way on the outside, isn't always that way on the inside. I highly recommend it!

Skyfall is by no means a bad Bond film, in-fact it's very good. But it dragged on at points and despite the amount of action, was a bit of a bore at parts. The story is Bond has just been accidentally shot by another agent who is told by M (Judi Dench) to try and take down the bad-guy. But instead shoots Bond. A series of you tube videos and websites are released exposing some of M and her agents past. James Bond who is greatly depressed after the shot decides to find out who he is. Javier Bardem's character Raoul is greatly underused, he plays a damaged man, who didn't like what happened to him while being an agent and is out to get revenge.

FrankenWeenie is an interesting little film, bleak and depressing at times it may be. It's based on the life action version that came out in the 1980's as a short. Which I was weirdly obsessed with despite the tears it caused me. Many changes were made, such as kids in the neighborhood are now turning there pets into crazy experiments gone wrong. This all starts when a young boy loses his beloved dog and finds a way to bring him back to life. This movie pulled on my heart-strings quite a bit, though it's not my favorite animated movie of the year, it holds a special place in my heart.

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