Thursday, June 7, 2012

Clothing Sites I'm Loving

If only this site wasn't so ridiculously expensive. I would buy almost everything.
What is it?: It's king of a vintage-cutesy super girly clothing. Everything is adorable! But so not for people on a budget! All the dresses are  over 50 dollars and I can't afford anything. But from what I've seen most of the quality is good. I love to browse and they sell out quick. 
Things I've Bought: I've only bought one thing so far and it was...

Adorable, right? I'm actually quite pleased with it, it's a-little big though.

What Is It?: Selling From the UK, ASOS has loads of original and unique clothes to chose from. From accessories to dresses and back again. They have everything you need to have a online shopping day!
What I've Bought There: Nothing..yet!

What Is It?: An online web-store for the extremely popular teen clothing store. Forever 21 is a hit or a miss depending on the season. Giving its teen clothing things can get tacky. But when its good its good. It's cheap so not the best quality. However I've had good luck with Forever 21. I've heard horror stories of things lasting a day or two. I've had things from there lasting me years, guess it depends? 
What I've Bought There: Again I don't think I've bought anything online, a-lot in the stores. 

What is It?: If you don't know what Amazon is, you've probably been living under a rock for the past 17 years. Amazon has everything! From books, kindles, dvds, clothing and more!
What I've Bought There: Too many to list here! But check out my wishlist! 

What is it?: This vintage floral chic website is very similar to Mod Cloth in many ways. No wonder I love it! With its cute dresses looking like they came right out of a storybook, how could you resist?
What I've Bought Here: Nada

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