Saturday, August 11, 2012

Movie Reviews Of The month and TV Guilty Pleasures

The Dark Knight Rises is a dark and violent movie. Particularly for it being only PG-13. It stars Christian Bale as Batman (duh) as he starts to rise from the turmoil of a broken heart and a broken leg. There is chaos again in Gotham (why do people still live there?) as Bane and his gang of prison warriors start there attack and plant a bomb. Anne Hatheaway is amazing as jewel thieving Catwoman. She tells Batman a "storm is coming" after stealing his mothers prized pearls. But is she all bad? You'll have to watch the movie to find out. Other highlights include Commissioner Gordon's  return (Gary Oldman) and Joseph Gordon Levitt as police officer Blake.
I rate this film 9/10

This movie stars the beautiful Kat Dennings as Caroline Wexler. A girl who's bored in a stoner filled town, that a serial killer has taken his mark upon. Killing young High School girls. She decides to shake things up by seducing her teacher (Barry Anderson). But when things take a turn for the sour in there "relationship" she starts going out with messed up stoner boy Thurston Goldberg.
I rate this movie 8/10

TV Guilty Pleasure of the moment
Based on the best selling book series entitled "Pretty Little Liars"by Sara Shepard. The plot surrounds 4 girls who start receiving mysterious text messages from a person who goes by "A". Even more mysterious their best friend Allison went missing and was found dead the year before. The girls are harassed by "A" continuously and they go on detective like missions trying to find out who this "A" is. Everyone in Rosewood (their town) is a suspect. The show is a guilty pleasure because so little of it actually makes sense. Why don't they tell someone about A? Why don't they move? Why do they continue looking for trouble? But without these elements the show would be a bore. I have currently finished seasons 1 and 2. I will soon be watching season 3.
I rate this show 8/10

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