Sunday, September 2, 2012

Movie Reviews and TV Loves

ParaNorman was a little surprise treat for me. Everything about this movie is superb from the voice acting to the animation to the plot-line and back again. This movie centers around a pre-teen named Norman who can see dead people, including his grandmother! He can see dead animals as-well and he soon finds out from his uncle that a witches curse has hit the town this year. He must be the one to silence the young witch and bring her back to a silent grave. This movie surpasses other animated films in adult humor, that will go straight over kids heads! Fun zombies and an abundance of horror references. 

Carnival Of Souls is an interesting movie about a young woman who gets involved in drag racing and finds herself and her friends car thrown of a cliff and into a watery grave. Or was she? She's shown coming from the surface and warmed with blankets. Not soon after she starts getting haunted by spirits, a carnival of souls. Literally. Not to mention the man who won't stop harassing her at her home. But she doesn't want to be left alone, she can't be left alone! Not with the Carnival Of Souls!

Gravity Falls is an excellent animated series about two young kids Mabel and Dipper who move to a town called Gravity Falls. Where strange things keep happening and they have to solve and resolve the towns mysteries and mythological creature problem. Uncle  Grunkle Stan (who they've moved in with and owns the local museum/freak show won't believe a word of it, but he's a kook himself. This show is filled with laughs, entertainment and fun for kids and adults alike!

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