Monday, July 23, 2012

Movies I've seen recently

Moonrise Kindom is an extremely visually effective movie. From the way the camera pans from room to room, as though the house is a dollhouse. To the old fashioned bright 1960s clothing. The cinematography is gorgeous. The story follows two 12 year olds with emotional issues who fall in love and make a pact to run away together. One (the girl) runs way from home. The other a boy orphan running away from Camp Ivanhoe a scout troop. The local group of parents and authority figures go crazy looking for them and trying to prevent (Tilda Swinton) social services from taking the boy (Sam) to a home for disturbed boys since his foster parents no longer want him.
I rate this movie 9/10

Mia Williams is a 15 year old girl living in East London who has serious anger problems. Mia is shown throughout  the movie practicing hip-hop dance moves. Mia's mom throws parties and gets drunk and passes out a lot. She invites a new boyfriend home by the name of Connor O'Reily and he seeems a charming man. He introduces the kids to  Bobby Womack's version of the song California Dreaming. 
He also  teaches Mia  how to catch a fish. The relationship between Mia and Connor eventually takes a turn for the creeper as he  loans her his film camera and encourages her try out for an dance audition. This is a dark but wildly thought provoking movie. It's both entertaining and hard to watch at the same time.
I rate this 9/10 

Melancholia is a film about Justine (Kirsten Dunst) a girl suffering from severe depression who is about to get married. The film starts off with a slow motion artsy end of the world scene. As the film centers around the a giant planet colliding with earth. This film is bleak and depressing. But you don't feel any remorse at the expense of the characters because of they're behaviors during the film. However this all leads up to a beautiful ending scene. 
I rate this 6/10 

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