Thursday, July 5, 2012

Netflix Instant You Should Watch

This 2002 movie about  Elvis (or an Elvis Impersonator were never sure) and a black man who thinks he's JFK living in a nursing home. This is where an evil spirit of a mummy is coming to suck the souls out of all the old residents. Sound like you're thing? Go watch it! Sound just plain whack? Give it a chance! This quirky and unconventional horror-comedy has some great moments. Some boring ones as well, but its well worth the ride.
I rate it 8/10

Primal Fear is great movie about a young alter boy (Edward Norton) whos been accused of murdering priest. He's found at the scene covered in blood. But Martin (Richard Gere) is convinced he was set up to the crime. This is great movie, that gets better as you go. I definitively recommend you check it out! 
I rate this  movie 8/10

The incredible story of Kevin Clash and his rise to international stardom and critical acclaim as a puppeteer. This amazing movie takes you behind the scenes of it all. The hard work, the dedication, the kids who want to grow up to be puppeteers. Elmos love for children and charities. Inside Kevin Clashs family life and much more!
I rate this movie 9/10  

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